Dear Organic Soil Solutions customer:

Today we slice seeded and added the early fall fertilizer to your lawn.  We’ve been working to improve the soil through the year, and now is the time when we can really make things happen.  After all the heat of the summer, we want your lawn looking its best in the fall.  A thick, healthy lawn in October will be tough to beat in the spring.

We’ve had a drought, a severe drought with watering restrictions and dried up streams.  It’s time for cooler heads to prevail.  We are anxious to reinvigorate these long suffering lawns. We’ve had long hot summers, and even Septembers before, and with the slice seeding and active soil biology, the lawns have always bounced back.  The seed may sit dormant for a while but eventually it sprouts and things get back to normal.

Our back yard used to be a pretty nondescript place with the occasional bird fliting by.  After our house fire and rebuild, we were left with a blank canvas of empty beds.  Through good fortune, blind luck and the best intentions of my wife, we ended up with a lot of flowering plants and weeds that attracted birds, bees and butterflies.  I see it as a veritable Times Square in the middle of suburbia.  We apply the same concept to the soil.  By adding biological foods and organic matter, we turn the quiet, lazy dirt into vibrant, bustling soil that supports and nourishes plants, holds water and is soft to walk on.

Weed seeds put out millions of seeds each season, and they can wait years for an opportunity to sprout. Our lawn grasses never get that opportunity because we mow the plants before they go to seed. It is time to level the playing field. Your lawn is reinvigorated and rejuvenated with the introduction of new seed. Our slice seeders cut small furrows in the soil and deposit the grass seed, for that all important soil to seed contact. This will thicken the turf, aerate the soil, reduce bare spots and combat old age (only of the grass).

The seed we plant will do best if kept moist.  A light, 10 minute watering a couple times a day is best. However, rains are most dependable in the fall and, in a normal season, with the cool nights and heavy dew, the seed should germinate just fine on its own.  We also applied soy fertilizer to help promote the fall growth spurt and get new plants off to a fast start.

If you have any questions or comments, please call me at 781-937-9992 or email  [email protected].


Mike Murray