Organic Soil Solutions

I think a happy lawn is a lawn that is long enough to wave in the breeze and catch a lot of sunlight on all that green, leafy surface area. A lawn that is scalped, or cut short looks brown and depressed. Each time a lawn is mowed, it becomes stressed. Plants must work quickly to produce more leaf surface in order to perform photosynthesis and survive. To do this, the plant uses food stored in the roots. Mowing low results in shallow roots and requires constant feeding and artificial watering.

We use walk behind mowers that don’t cause compaction. We mow only when needed and we leave the clippings. Lawn clippings act as a mulch to prevent weed seed germination. They preserve moisture, and do not cause thatch. The clippings add organic matter and a third of the nitrogen needs of the plant. Because the plant has to continuously compensate for lost leaf surface, mowing low requires more cutting, not less.

A lawn that is mowed high has deeper roots and requires less watering. We suggest watering more deeply and less frequently. Shallow, frequent watering encourages shallow roots, thatch build up and fungal diseases. You want the water down in the cool soil where the roots have to go get it. The water will be available when the surface is dry.

Our mowing program is usually full, but if you live near one of the lawns we do now, we can usually fit you in.

Organic Soil Solutions

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