After long winter months, it’s important to prepare your lawn for the spring. Our Spring Lawn Fix includes seeding of bare spots and damaged areas with a spring seed that germinates quickly and crowds out weeds. We top dress with 60% soil and 40% compost. We’ve done trials with a number of different combinations and this product retained water the best and always germinated first. It is essential to have grass growing where weeds want to intrude. Mowing high will help the roots develop and shade out sun loving annual weeds. We use this strategy to ensure that you can enjoy your lawn in the spring as opposed to fighting with weeds.


Cool season grasses thrive in the spring and fall, but when the soil heats up, roots die back and growth slows down. Most organic matter is added to the soil by the sloughing off of roots through the seasons. Spring is not the optimal time for seeding but it is a good time to cover bare spots and prevent weed seed germination. The grass will do best with cool, damp weather and a little shade. If your lawn requires more extensive work or core aerating, the early fall is the time to do it.

I heard a new word the other day, ‘greenwashing’. Everyone is green all of the sudden, even if they aren’t. I am really happy that people are finally taking the environment seriously. We have to be responsible for the actions we take and I hope we can separate the green from the PR.

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