Organic Soil Solutions

Healthy Soil Means a Healthy Landscape

Organic Soil Solutions is a Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) member. Organic Soil Solutions program starts with a soil food web analysis which measures type of soil, thatch levels, root depth, pH, organic matter, primary, secondary and micronutrient levels, and salt content. The test results help us apply the right soil amendments. We need healthy soil for a healthy lawn. A healthy soil is 25% air, 25% water, and 50% mineral and organic matter.

Organic Soil Solutions uses a number of products and services to improve the health of the soil and lawn. We want the soil to have all the air, water, nutrients, and biology it needs. We apply compost tea, which we brew for 24 hours and is full of biology. We overseed problem areas in the spring and the fall and add organic fertilizers to make sure there are plenty of nutrients for the biology to break down. We also add soil conditioners, kelp, and compost. Mowing high helps the roots develop and shades out sun-loving broadleaf weeds.

Organic Soil Solutions

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