Organic Soil Solutions

What ever your landscaping needs, we have the men and the equipment to do the job. We do spring and fall cleanups, mulching, cleaning and edging of beds. We plant shrubs and flowers and keep them healthy with timely trimming and pruning.

You don’t want to leave those leaves on the ground over the winter. They will kill the grass. We usually mow the first leaves and mulch them into the lawn. When they build up we move them. Sometimes we pile them in the back yard to decompose into leaf mulch. Shredding them first or mixing them with manure helps promote decomposition. When I first got my microscope, I was thrilled to see all the biology moving around in the decomposing leaves. It was the most active stuff I could find. It’s great for perennial beds that like more fungi than lawns. Some customers have us shred the leaves and spray them directly on the beds. Whole leaves on the beds can block water penetration and use up a lot of nitrogen for decomposition. I think it’s always best and more ecological to keep the leaves on the site and incorporate them back into the environment. Other folks have us take them to the organic farm (they love to take them) or to the dump.

I once saw a presentation by a scientist from Ohio State touting the benefits of compost or leaf based mulch. Leaf mulch has many benefits compared to wood chips or plastic. His research showed deeper roots, healthier plants and more vibrant colors. Leaf mulch not only promotes a more bountiful crop of flowers and vegetables, it suppresses weeds. The mulch keeps the soil loose and moist while protecting it from drought or excessive freezing and thawing. The decomposing plant material provides food for biology, adds organic matter and provides nutrients for plants.

Organic Soil Solutions

Fall Cleanup Isn’t Just About the Leaves:
“The work your crew did on my patio blocks and cobblestones was terrific. They are very scrubbed and clean. Thank you. -Joanne G. of Arlington, MA”

Organic Soil Solutions

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