In the summer, we apply microbial foods and biology to the soil that supports your lawn. The soil is a living breathing place with air, water and billions of micro-organisms breaking things down and building things up. When the weather gets hot, our cool season grasses struggle and we reduce the stress with humates, kelp and micronutrients. When the soil biology becomes more active, we want to make sure they have all the resources they need to thrive.

We all have to eat. In a forest, leaves fall and enrich the undisturbed soil. Bacteria and fungi decompose the litter and provide nutrients to the trees. In a residential lawn hat has been turned over, dug up and may not have such good soil to begin with, things might not be so rosy. Organic Soil Solutions use a liquid blend of humic acid, seaweed extract, even some beneficial microorganisms together with fish emulsion fertilizer. This blend provides nitrogen, minerals and trace elements that plants need to access nutrients in the soil. It also contains plant hormones
that relieve plant stress. And plants have enough stress as it is these days. My corn, which is a grass, loves this.

Neptune’s Harvest is a totally organic fish fertilizer for plants. Besides providing slow release nitrogen, it contains chelated minerals and trace elements that allow the plant to access more basic nutrition from the soil. It also helps ward off pathogens that may be lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to infect.

is a liquid formulation of natural stress reducing plant hormones, valuable micronutrients and trace elements, beneficial microorganisms, organic soil conditioners, and organic fertility supplements. It is a valuable addition to a well-balanced nutrition program for all types of plants.

Organic Soil Solutions
Organic Soil Solutions

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