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We all have to eat.  In a forest, leaves fall and enrich the undisturbed soil.  Bacteria and fungi decompose the litter and provide nutrients to the trees.  In a residential garden bed that has been turned over, dug up and may not have such good soil to begin with, things might not be so rosy.

To add more nutrients where they are most accessible to the plants, we have designed a soil drench program that provides a nutritious banquet for perennials, vegetable gardens and shrubs.  With the help of Fred Newcombe of PJC Organic, we have come up with formulas that adapt to the seasons and the needs of the plants.

We use a liquid blend of humic acid, seaweed extract, even some beneficial microorganisms together with fish emulsion fertilizer.  This blend provides nitrogen, minerals and trace elements that plants need to access nutrients in the soil. It also contains plant hormones that relieve plant stress.  And plants have enough stress as it is these days. My corn and tomatoes love this.  They may be dawdling around in the spring, but the fish really gives them a boost.

We apply this liquid fertilizer and conditioner with a feed needle that goes just below any mulch and delivers the mix directly above the root zone.  If there is no mulch, we can spray it directly on the surface.  We do three applications a season.  The early spring has a little more fish to give plants a boost.  The late spring application and early fall application (done in late August) has more humates and seaweed extract to help reduce and recover from summer stress and gives the plant a growth spurt before it goes into the winter.  We usually use 30 to 40 gallons on each property, but are ready to use more if someone has extensive plantings.

I know when I go out, plant the needle and pull the trigger I feel like I am giving each plant a gift that they appreciate.  The purpose of our soil drench program is to stimulate biological activity and improve the soil.  It makes for healthier, more resilient plants and just as important happy gardeners and homeowners.  The Soil Drench program is listed as an option on the back of your contract.