Organic Soil Solutions uses a soy fertilizer that is good food for the biology. The bacteria and fungi eat it up and release nutrients as they are needed by the plants.  Unlike water soluble chemicals, the fertilizer will not run into the streams and rivers with the next big rain.

Hey! The experts are saying it’s safe to go out again.

It is that time of year again and the world is turning green. But slowly.  I have been waiting for the red buds on the trees to turn into leaves for weeks. Not much moves when it is cold.  Then more birds start chirping and I see a bug scurrying up a post.  It seemed so odd, this little bit of life.  And then we are surrounded by birds, frogs and insects grabbing their moment in the sun. By the fall all the plants and bugs seem so normal and I can’t imagine the trees without their leaves.  But you get used to it.

This virus pandemic can’t become normal.  Let’s hope it is one of life’s crazy and scary moments and passes like the seasons.

The lawns look really good this time of year, greening up when it is cool and moist.  Soon they will brown up a bit and crab grass will try to claim its’ share of the turf. As they say, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the perfectly good.”.  The lawn will have its’ ups and downs like everything else.

One way to help the grass is to mow it high, at least 3”. A happy grass plant needs leaf surface to do what it does best, wave in the breeze and capture sunlight. The lawn wants to perform photosynthesis, make food and grow deep roots.  People are starting to embrace a little wild in their lawns. Violets are popular in some places, but of course, the go to weed is clover. Farmers use it to rejuvenate their depleted soils. Bees love it and the bunnies stopped eating my lettuce when that delicious stuff showed up.  Oh, and don’t touch the milk weed.  That’s for the Monarch butterflies.