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Today we slice seeded and added the early fall fertilizer to your lawn. We’ve been working to improve the soil through the year, and now is the time when we can really make things happen.

Lawns were looking pretty good this year until we hit hot and humid in August and the crab grass exploded. I see it everywhere. The weather data suggests it was the worst year ever for the stuff.

Of course, the crab grass is now dying and we are replacing it with new cool season grass that should be looking good in October.

Even the loudmouth at the party has someone who loves him. Crab grass was once a valuable commodity. It was an important food source in the Stone Age. Crab grass was brought to America by the government in 1849 as forage for animals. It became a major agricultural crop until corn and wheat took over. Crab grass is a traditional food in Africa and India. Each plant produces 150,000 seeds that can be ground into flour, used as grain or fermented into beer. It grows well in dry areas with poor soil (like the cracks in the sidewalk) and produces nutritious seeds in 6 weeks. It is a pretty amazing plant. (from

Now just because I say a few nice things, don’t go calling me a crab grass lover. It is not a label one would wear proudly at a lawn care convention. We need to take back the lawns and now is the time.
Grass plants never get to go to seed because we mow them.. Our slice seeders cut small furrows in the soil and deposit the grass seed, for that all important soil to seed contact. This will thicken the turf, aerate the soil, reduce bare spots and introduce younger plants.

The seed we plant will do best if kept moist. A light, 10 minute watering a couple times a day is best. However, rains are most dependable in the fall and, in a normal season, with the cool nights and heavy dew, the seed should germinate just fine on its own. We also applied soy fertilizer to help promote the fall growth spurt and get new plants off to a fast start.

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