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Today, we applied biology and nutrients to refresh the life in the soil and improve the population. The bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa are the life blood of the soil.

They say nothing gets done in Washington because no one wants to compromise. Here at Organic Soil Solutions we like to work with others. An organic lawn is a compromise between the synthetic, chemical mono-culture and the abandoned lot look that some folks favor.

An organic lawn is based on working with nature to make conditions more suitable to deep rooted grass. We want a diverse microbial community to break down nutrients for the plants. Earthworms are
welcome to aerate the soil and leave their castings. A dandelion adds a little color. The degenerate crab grass may slink around on the edges, but heads out with the first sign of frost. Everyone works together. It’s all about cooperation.

The chemical approach is my way or the highway. It’s a totalitarian regime where no dandelion dares
stick up its head. The earthworms are driven deep underground by the salts and pesticides. To the
casual, observer, it is a perfectly ordered universe where only bluegrass grows and the birds and bees and bunnies fear to tread. The natural world sits on the sidelines and looks into the bubble while the lawn depends on the man with the mask who applies the chemical concoctions.

The freedom lawn is anarchy, the anti-lawn. It’s everything that grows once you’ve mowed. I have
plenty of friends in New Hampshire with these lawns. Of course, they don’t have neighbors within
shouting distance either. If you have some decent soil, you may have some grass, but you probably
want to hold the croquet tournament at someone else’s house.

Organic Soil Solutions makes sure the soil has the proper pH, enough organic matter and plenty of grass seed. We work with nature to make a thick and healthy lawn.

Please, mow high
Water deeply and infrequently