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I have hope.  My knees were just replaced and I am looking forward to getting back into the field, spreading organic fertilizer, feeding the soil and making the grass grow. Learning about the soil has been an interest of mine for many years.  Improving the soil is what we do.  Getting out and seeing things happen makes it all worth while.  I still go to sleep, not by counting sheep, but by pushing a spreader around a lawn I know well.

Things are not as bad as some people say.  A guy was telling me the other day that you can no longer trust your neighbors, family values have disappeared and things were going to get worse, much worse.  I told him my kids were hard working, respectful and a ton of fun.  I like their friends, I like my nieces and nephews and even though we don’t travel in the same circles, I like and trust my neighbors.  Besides, our lawns looked pretty good last year with the help of some decent rains.  The more we do to help the environment the better life will be.

Knowledge is good.  I know that coal is not the answer to our future energy needs.  Dumping crap into the rivers, spreading chemicals with no regulations and spoiling our environment is not going forward. It is going backward. We already tried it and it doesn’t work.  Denying science is dumb.  We know that soil is alive and billions of micro organisms make life as we know it, possible.  It is not just dirt that lies beneath our feet and makes plants grow.

If there ever was a time to prove these prophets of doom to be the myopic, navel gazing morons  they are, it is now.  Let’s enjoy our families, say hi to our neighbors, eat well and enjoy our safe, friendly organic lawn.

PLEASE NOTE: Spring seeding is not included in the regular plan.  If you would like the spring seeding, it is listed as an option on the back of the contract.  We find it is more effective on some lawns than others. To confirm your program, please sign and return the enclosed contract.  You can take advantage of the 10% prepayment discount; or you can pay after each service is provided.  As always, we welcome your questions and comments.