I look forward to the spring when I can see all the activity in our yard.  We try to select plants that attract the bunnies, butterflies, bees and birds.  The animals need the plants and the plants need the life in the soil. New research shows that plants are more actively intelligent than we thought.  Of course, they can attract animals to pollinate and spread their seeds.  Plants also know how to attract specific bacteria to deal with drought, pathogens or predators.  It’s a treat to sit on the porch and watch the relationship between the soil, the plants and the animals. In a yard nearby, I never see a bird.  I know there is no soil biology because the compacted soil is hard as a rock. It’s too tight for a worm to crawl through.  The flowers and shrubs are neatly spaced with areas of barren mulch in between.  There are certainly no weeds or underbrush for animals to hide.  Chemicals keep it all neat and tidy.

Plants can probably survive without the animals, but nothing in the natural world makes it without the microbes.  The soil biology prevents disease and breaks down organic matter to access nutrients.

In April, we will apply the first application of our soil drench, a mix with Neptune’s Harvest fish hydrolysate and Organic Approach nutrient blend.  This solution will promote growth and improve the health of the soil and the plants.  We also apply it in late spring and early fall with a feed needle that gets the solution directly into the root zone. The beds may still be dormant but sprouts will be pushing soon..  It is an exciting time for the birds and the bees and us humans as well.  I will be so happy to hear the birds making a lot of noise as the days warm up.  It is pretty quiet in the winter cold.  The Soil Drench will get your plants off to a strong start and will help them repel insects, survive drought, flower beautifully and have happy summer.  We get our products from Organic Approach in Pennsylvania ( and Neptune’s Harvest in Gloucester (

Neptune’s Harvest is a totally organic fish fertilizer for plants.  Besides providing slow release nitrogen, it contains chelated minerals and trace elements that allow the plant to access more basic nutrition from the soil.  It also helps ward off pathogens that may be lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to infect. Influence from Organic Approach, is a liquid formulation of natural stress reducing plant hormones, valuable micronutrients and trace elements, beneficial microorganisms, organic soil conditioners, and organic fertility supplements. It is a valuable addition to a well-balanced nutrition program for all types of plants.