Time for Fall Cleanup

Here is a note we provided to all of our 2015 lawn care customers…

Dear Organic Soil Solutions customer:

Your final 2015 Organic Soil Solutions treatment was applied today. Thanks for having us care for your lawn organically this year. We hope you’ll have us back in 2016, our 13th year owning the business.

Humates and kelp improve the soil and feed the biology. They have been used for centuries to enrich the soil and help the plants recover from stress. We are using a special bled with granulated earthworm castings that provides a wide variety of foods that help biology transition into dormancy and wake up refreshed in the spring. It improves soil structure and reduces compaction.

I don’t know if anybody noticed, but it has been a wild ride with the weather this year. I’d cringe when the radio personality declares another great beach day and aren’t we lucky, when we haven’t had rain for 3 weeks. The snow left in mid-April, followed by the May drought. It was tough for the lawns to get off to a fast start under those conditions. Chemical and organic lawns both suffered. The summer was OK but September was extremely hot and dry. Rain came in weather events rather the protracted periods of moisture we usually see. Things seem to be changing and we’ll have to adapt.

It is a great idea to mulch leaves into the lawn for as long as possible in the fall. It is important that the leaves are shredded or they can form a dense mat that prevents the flow of air and water to the soil. A lawn mower or leaf shredder does the job. Don’t leave whole leaves on the lawn over the winter. Looking at the leaf covered forest floor and seeing the trees thriving, with no input from us, shows the importance of leaves in building soil and promoting life. Decomposing leaves form humus and improve soil structure in clay or sandy soils. Leaves are a great local resource to improve soil health, reduce weeds and retain moisture. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

Leaves should not prevent the humates from getting to the soil unless they blanket the ground. The humates are in the form of heavy, dense granules that will fall. We will blow the leaves to the side if necessary or leave you a note asking for a better time to come back. If you need a fall cleanup give us a call.

If you have any questions or comments, please call me at (781) 937-9992 or email mikem@organicsoilsolutions.com.

richard morrill
10/22/2015, 9:57:20 PM
Let me know a couple of days before you come so I can get the leaves off the grass for you.