Permeable Pavers Solution

When my asphalt driveway was cracking a few years back, I called 3 paving companies to give quotes on repairing or replacing it.  No one returned my call.  Frustrated, I had the Organic Soil Solutions crew tear it up and lay down crusher run, a dense grade aggregate that compacts well, but allows the water to seep through.  I love it.  The asphalt was very difficult to dispose of, but the crusher run has settled nicely and it doesn’t rear up when you shovel ice and snow.

Crusher run may not suit everyone’s taste (lined with granite pavers, I think my driveway is very handsome).  There are literally tons of hardscape products available that are permeable or pervious.If you are looking to rebuild your patio, walkway or driveway, you should really consider using permeable materials.

A permeable surface will absorb the water from a heavy rain fall and put back in the soil where it belongs.The water doesn’t have to travel into the sewer system, through Deer Island and out to the sea.  It is cleaned and returned to the ground where it helps nourish the plants and reduce irrigation bills.  There is less pooling and that eliminates a lot of the icy spots in the winter.

With water in the ground, these products keep the surrounding area cooler.  We all know how hot the asphalt and cement get on a hot day, but my crusher run stays cool.  I think it naturally massages my bare feet when I walk on it.  As an alternative to traditional asphalt, the approach is also more economical.  The pavers have a lifespan 3-5 times longer than that of traditional pavement, which is expected in the long run to offset any increased cost of installation.

Generally, permeable surfaces look better. Instead of boring concrete or high maintenance, ugly and smelly asphalt, permeable surfaces come in a variety of styles that pretty much always look better. Options include brick, stone or concrete pavers, pervious concrete, interlocking open grass pavers and river rock.

If you are interested in pursuing such a project, let us know.  James is now certified as a permeable paver installer. After attending a few seminars, I know that these methods are the way of the future.  The material under the pavers is not compacted and a mesh fabric is used to distribute the weight.  More cities and towns are requiring permeable surfaces as the best way to handle storm water runoff.