The weather is delightful. We’re getting a taste of rain. And the home improvement stores are stocked with all the things you need to build a deck or build a raised garden bed! So, get started immediately on your next outdoor project before that crazy hot August heat is upon us.

Here is an extensive list of our top seven favorite outdoor projects to try this summer:

1. Build a Patio
Big or small, patios are a great place to put your grill, have a bite to eat, or relax in your favorite outdoor chair. Choose your material – typically brick, concrete, stone, or gravel. Level the land. Lay the material. And voila!

2. Rebuild a Walkway
Admit it…the walkway from your driveway to the front door looks like it was hit by a mini-earthquake. Improve the look (and safety) of your walkway one brick or stone at a time.

3. Construct a Garden Bed
Flowers, shrubs, bushes…oh my! Choose a space, fill it with good quality soil, pick your favorite flowers and greenery and get planting!

4. Trim the Shrubs and Trees
Take it down a notch! Don’t let those shrubs and trees overshadow the garden below.

5. Plant a Tree
Try something new and different. Pick a native tree species and be amazed at how quickly it will grow over the years.

6. Add Native Plants to your Garden
Plants make all the difference. Here are some great resources to help you choose the right native plants for your garden.

7. Grow Grass Organically
This one is near and dear to our heart. Protect your family, your pets and all of those little creatures living in your soil by going organic with your lawn care.

Here are our top 10 tips for maintaining an organic lawn in the hot summer heat.

We made all of these projects seem easy, but if you’re no expert, let us help you!

Organic Soil Solutions now offers more than lawn care services. We can help with almost any outdoor project from building a patio to planting a garden.

Now is the time to complete your next outdoor project! Contact us today to ask questions or schedule an appointment.