We recently slice seeded and added the early fall fertilizer to our customers’ lawns. We’ve been working to improve the soil through the year, and now is the time when we can really make things happen. We want everyone’s lawn to sing. A thick, healthy lawn in October will be tough to beat in the spring.

We have great seed.

After rebuilding our house, we planted a new lawn in the spring. The grass stayed green through the summer and there is very little crab grass. We never watered and the roots are 12 inches deep. The seed is a custom blend of tillering tall fescues and other varieties we put together three years ago specifically for organic lawns. The seed company labels the bags Murray Organic, which I kind of like. Tall fescues are the deepest rooted and most drought tolerant of the cool season grasses. The roots can go over 5 feet deep in optimal conditions.

The seed was important for the success of our lawn, but the soil was the key.

The grass was able to send roots deep into the soil, searching for water. On some of those hot days, when the temperature was in the 90’s, I stuck a shovel in the ground and found the soil moist 8 to 12 inches down. When we installed the lawn, the highly compacted subsoil was replaced with 16” or so of a beautiful soil/compost mix. It has pore spaces to hold air and water, and good soil structure, making it easy for roots to travel.
The soil in most yards is not so hot. It can be a mixture of different soil types with rocks and tree roots. It could be acid from decomposing pine needles, compacted and lacking biology, structure and organic matter. No grass seed thrives in crappy soil, no matter what the marketing claims. We’ve seen enough failed miracle seed lawns to know. Our goal is to improve the soil so you can have a safe and healthy lawn. That is why we are Organic Soil Solutions.

slice seeding

The seed will do best if kept moist, so a light watering a couple of times a day is helpful. If we have the cool nights and periodic rain that usually occur in the fall, the seed should do fine on its own.

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