love too1If you like our approach to lawns, you’ll love what we can do for your plants and landscape. Our primary focus has always been lawn care, but as our name implies, Organic Soil Solutions is really about the soil. Caring for the soil is the best way to provide an attractive organic lawn, but a healthy soil benefits all the plants and animals.

love too2Is your soil alive with plenty of nutrients and biological activity? The success of any lawn or garden begins with the quality of its soil. It is our job to help feed you soil so the soil can feed the plants. Soil is full of life. Organic fertilizer and soil amendments encourage biological activity and stimulate plant roots while improving soil structure. We apply a variety of nutrients, minerals and fertilizers that improve aeration, water absorption and fertility.

Your plants and shrubs will be hardier, healthier and handsomer with our nutrient rich soil drench or deep root fertilization. These are great complements to our lawn care program. Fish was an important fertilizer long before Squanto let the Pilgrims in on the secret and it makes my vegetable garden go crazy! As we read almost daily about new discoveries involving the role of bacteria in our health, the importance of soil biology to the health of plants becomes more apparent. Just as the over use of antibiotics can harm the microbes in the human body disturbance and chemicals destroy the life in the soil. Our fertilizers and amendments make that soil biology dance.

love too 3Organic Soil Solutions would like to introduce a new program of three liquid soil drenches for you beds, trees and vegetable gardens. Each application would be a 50 gallon mix of soil amendments (Influence) and fish hydrolysate (Neptune’s Harvest) which treats around 1,000 square feet. The formula would change according to the season. More fish in the spring for a fast start, more soil amendments in late spring for improved stress reduction, and increased fish in the fall to promote growth and hardiness. Influence is a liquid formulation of natural stress reducing plant hormones, valuable micronutrients and trace elements, beneficial microorganisms, organic soil conditioners, and organic fertility supplements. It is a valuable addition to a well-balanced nutrition program for all types of plants.

love too4Influence is an organic fertilizer made by Organic Approach from fresh North Atlantic fish. It is made by a unique cold process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and growth hormones.

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