organic-lawn-august-2011It’s been great to see our newly seeded lawn doing so well. Actually, we’re stunned. It was seeded in April with our custom mix of tillering tall fescues and other types of seeds. We expected the lawn to come in decent but succumb to the pressures of heat and crab grass as the summer wore on. That is the fate of most spring seed. We haven’t watered at all except for one morning in the front during the heat.

The lawn came in green and thick in May. We did add seed more than once. It stayed green through most of July, getting brown around the edges and inviting a few crab grass plants in for a brief stay. The weather was great this spring with regular rain, so watering was not needed for the seed to germinate.

It would be nice to claim that we have a miracle seed or that we chanted magic spells. We could attribute our success to a bio stimulant or a special proprietary formula. But we know the lawn is doing well because of the deep, rich soil we put down after our new house was built. There is plenty of pore space in the soil to hold water and allow the roots to grow deep to get it. When I put in a shovel during our recent heat wave, the soil was moist at a depth of 6 to 8 inches under the surface, and the roots were growing down to get it.

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