charles_river_esplanade_boston_massachusetts-300x225Happy New Year! This is the time to reflect on life and think about how to make more progress in 2014.

Life can be a constant struggle to make sense out of things we don’t understand. What makes perfect sense for one person sounds like crazy talk to another. Things that used to be normal, just aren’t acceptable today. We have been doing organic lawn care for 14 years, and I hope what we do makes sense. We improve the soil and grow grass with natural amendments and hard work.

As kids grow older, they learn that life doesn’t always make sense. My son is always asking why. We’ve all seen a child mesmerized by a leaf floating on the breeze. Then we tell him he can’t play on the grass because it just had a chemical treatment to kill the dandelions. I remember feeling very grown up when they had ash trays on the desks at college, but not so cool when a friend died young due to complications from smoking. With an organic lawn, I can lie on my lawn and not smell poisonous chemicals and that makes sense.

I hope we are making progress. When I was a kid we swam in the river, but by the time I was a teen, the water was just too gross. During the debate over the Clean Water Act, I remember a politician claiming that one of our greatest natural resources was the ability of our rivers and streams to absorb waste. At some point, that no longer made sense and now the Charles River is rated as swimmable for the 1st time in 50 years.

Organic lawn care is becoming more popular as homeowners and municipalities find that it makes sense to have a nice, green healthy lawn without using toxic chemicals and herbicides. More studies show the dangers of chemicals. The demise of a few dandelions no longer seems worth the risk. Now that some of our waterways are cleaner, let’s keep them that way.

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