When people talk of organic lawns, they often mention something about tolerating a few imperfections. Well, this is the season for a few imperfections. Our cool season grasses love the cool nights of the spring and fall. That’s when they grow vigorously and develop deep roots. They tend to go dormant in the summer. A lawn with decent soil and a good root system should bounce back by Labor Day.

One customer, who doesn’t water, told me, “I tell my neighbors, I’m out of the lawn competition in August. Hell, they’re all on the Cape anyway. The grass always bounces back.”

This summer seems extraordinarily hot and dry. I see all sorts of lawns browning up due to summer stress. Last year it seemed cool and moist until August. Every year is different.

A few tips…

  1. If your lawn is brown, it’s not a good idea to water constantly to green it up while the weather is still hot. An inch every couple of weeks should keep it going.
  2. Keep traffic to a minimum.
  3. Mow high and only when needed.

Lawns with problem thatch layers will experience drought stress sooner. Soil conditions such as compaction will become evident. You may see brown lines caused by the tire tracks of the lawnmower.

Our lawns may not look their best in the heat of summer, but they’ll be back when the yellow school buses roll around.

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