The Organic Soil Solutions website disappeared recently, soil biology continues to baffle the experts and organic lawns keep us guessing…

Mysterious Missing Website
Our web site disappeared from the internet recently and I learned that, without the file, it existed only in the cloud. There was no way to find a copy of yesterday’s version like you could a newspaper. We were finally able to reconstruct the site from an old copy on a site called ‘The Way Back Machine’. Older people remember Mr. Peabody and Sherman from The Bullwinkle Show. The whole thing is as mysterious as soil biology to me.
Mysterious Soil Biology

The role of bacteria in our health and having the appropriate colonies in our digestive system is all over the news these days. I don’t hear so much about soil biology, but their importance is also becoming more evident as the long term effects of pesticides and herbicides become more apparent. Organic lawn care can be a baffling enterprise. We are dependent on the soil biology for good results. We don’t have a water soluble stimulant to make the turf grow quickly, and we don’t have an herbicide or pesticide to make weeds and grubs disappear. And we don’t understand the soil biology as much as we’d like.

Mysterious Organic Lawns
oss-website-300x203It is often a mystery how some lawns thrive and others struggle. I’ve often been amazed at how lawns I thought would have a difficult time take off and others for which I have great expectations fall apart. I never thought my web site would disappear, and I never thought my unwatered front lawn would meet its demise last year. It just goes to show how much I know and how much I have to learn.

Apologies for the website downtime. Business is actually thriving and we’re certainly taking on new customers. Give us a call at 781-937-9992 or send us a note.

We’re looking forward to happy, healthy and green spring season.



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