proper-lawn-maintenance“What I enjoy is not the fruits alone, but I also enjoy the soil itself, its nature and its power.” – Cicero, De Senectute

In the Spring, we seed bare spots and damaged areas of your lawn with a spring seed that germinates quickly and crowds out weeds. By maintaining an organic lawn, you are contributing to a living, breathing soil. As temperatures rise, soil respiration increases. The soil becomes an incredibly busy place. Organic fertilizers feed the soil microbes, roots grow deeper and earthworms start to move.

All these soil dwellers take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. The flow of air through the soil is important to the health of the plants. For productive, fertile soil you need organic matter and plenty of pore spaces between the soil particles. While the birds are chirping, flowers blooming and grass is starting to grow, remember it all starts when the soil awakens from it winters sleep.

I think a happy lawn is a lawn that is long enough to wave in the breeze and catch a lot of sunlight on all that green, leafy surface area. A lawn that is scalped, or cut short looks brown and depressed. Each time a lawn is mowed, it becomes stressed. Plants must work quickly to produce more leaf surface in order to perform photosynthesis and survive. To do this, the plant uses food stored in the roots. Mowing low results in shallow roots and requires constant feeding and artificial watering.

The seed will do best if kept moist. If you can water (10 minutes, 3 times a day), that’s great. Otherwise, the seed should do well on its’ own with a traditional wet spring.

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