image001To make it through the rigors of summer and lead a happy, healthy life your lawn needs roots that are deep and strong. When other lawns are gasping for a cool drink, your lawn will be pulling moisture from 6 inches beneath the surface because you watered long and infrequently. Many towns now restrict watering to twice a week, but if you water for over ½ hour that’s fine. The grass in your yard was mowed high so the plant doesn’t have to continually use the food stored in the roots to grow more leaf surface for photosynthesis.

We just finished the first application of organic soy fertilizer. We are adding more potassium this year as soil tests indicate it is low in many lawns. Potassium increases root growth and improves drought resistance. The fertilizer needs to be broken down by our busy friends, the soil microbes. A healthy biological community improves the soil, increases water retention, relieves stress and reduces compaction.