We recently applied compost tea to our customers’ lawns. The compost tea is comprised of microbial foods to refresh the life in the soil and add some more. The bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa are the life blood of the soil.

I love to see all the activity in our yard. We try to select plants that attract the bunnies, butterflies, bees and birds. The animals need the plants and the plants need the life in the soil.

New research shows that plants are more actively intelligent than we thought. Of course, they can attract animals to pollinate and spread their seeds. Plants also know how to attract specific bacteria to deal with drought, pathogens or predators. It’s a treat to sit on the porch and watch the relationship between the soil, the plants and the animals.

little wildIn a yard nearby, I never see a bird. I know there is no soil biology because the compacted soil is hard as a rock. It’s too tight for a worm to crawl through. The flowers and shrubs are neatly spaced with areas of barren mulch in between. There are certainly no weeds or underbrush for animals to hide. Chemicals keep it all neat and tidy.

Plants can probably survive without the animals, but nothing in the natural world makes it without the microbes. The soil biology prevents disease and breaks down organic matter to access nutrients.

Organic Soil Solutions makes sure the soil has the proper pH, enough organic matter and plenty of grass seed. We work with nature to make a thick and healthy lawn.

If you’d like more information about compost tea or our organic lawn care services, please contact us today.

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker.


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