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A Little Wild in the Landscape is a Beautiful Thing

A little wild in the landscape is a beautiful thing. The birds need a place to nestle, the squirrels to rustle and the bunnies to hide. I need an area to throw some sticks and yard debris. My young son was helping me in a yard of lollipop trees and immaculate swales of mulch a

Invest in Soil For a Healthy Organic Lawn

I spoke to an irrigation guy today. When people build a new house, he suggests investing in soil rather than irrigation systems. With a foot of good top soil you probably won’t need to add much water. Most new homes have a few inches of topsoil and need watering more often than we would like,

Time for Slice Seeding and Early Fall Fertilizer

We recently slice seeded and added the early fall fertilizer to our customers’ lawns. We’ve been working to improve the soil through the year, and now is the time when we can really make things happen. We want everyone’s lawn to sing. A thick, healthy lawn in October will be tough to beat in the

Our Newly Seeded Lawn is Still Green in August

It’s been great to see our newly seeded lawn doing so well. Actually, we’re stunned. It was seeded in April with our custom mix of tillering tall fescues and other types of seeds. We expected the lawn to come in decent but succumb to the pressures of heat and crab grass as the summer wore

Mike Murray: Organic Lawn Detective

Some people think organic lawn care is boring, but Mike Murray, lawn detective, knows otherwise… Case #1 – The Dead Spot A recent case involved a persistent dead spot in someone’s front lawn. The home owner had replaced the sod in that area several years in a row and couldn’t figure out why it died

Treat Your Soil Well and You Will Be Rewarded

Treat your soil well and you will be rewarded. Studies have found that inhaling soil bacteria (mycobacterium vaccae) may increase learning ability. Eating soil, done by babies and in other cultures for eons, has received a lot of positive press lately for improving the immune system. Scientists are wondering how the Organic Soil Solutions Microscopic

Organic Lawns for Homeowners Workshop on April 9th

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching the upcoming “Organic Lawns for Homeowners” workshop at the Stoneham Public Library, 431 Main Street, on Saturday, April 9 from 11 am to 2 pm. Homeowners will learn various organic lawn care methods and maintenance techniques in this three-hour intensive workshop. The workshop will also include a

New Season = New Compost Lawn Care Option

Under the snow sits a beautiful lawn waiting to stretch out and capture some rays. In an effort to help the grass enjoy the summer and grow happy and healthy, we are offering two separate programs this year: Traditional lawn care proposal is essentially the same program we’ve used the last few years. It provides

Leaves, The Gift that Keeps on Giving

After witnessing the great New England leaf removal of the past few weeks, I’m struck by what a valuable resource we are taking away from a soil that sorely needs organic matter. Trees send their roots deep into the soil in search of minerals and nutrients to form leaves, a great source of organic matter.

Organic Soil Solutions Feels the Love

It’s been a tough year, but we’ve had great success with many of the lawns we cared for in 2010. The Organic Soil Solutions team would like to thank everyone for your patience and support as we battled the heat and crazy New England weather to make your lawns healthy and beautiful. We’re looking forward