A friend of mine read our recent blog post, Spread the Love, Go Organic, and he disagreed with my whole theory about the soil being “a great place for a good time if it has plenty of air, water and organic matter”. I think good organic soil is the perfect place for a party full of healthy plants and grasses that we can enjoy and roll around in.

But, maybe my friend has a point…

All partying aside, an organic lawn or garden can also be a place to teach and to learn about literature, math, history and science. It can be a place to reflect and relax.

The article, “Muddy Waters”, from Heronswood Voice reads “Plants and seeds provide students with new ways to understand the world and their place in it. A small, modest garden supplies tactility, shape, color, fragrance and flavor: all key ways we apprehend reality. Finally, gardening provides an overarching narrative that connects and unites all aspects of humanity…”

So, are organic lawns and gardens like a party or a quiet place to learn and reflect? Or both?

What do you think?


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