It has been a good year for organic lawn care. Over the years, we’ve been dissed a few times by the chemical lawn care guys, but now we’re becoming mainstream. Turf Magazine had a cover story titled ‘Why you can’t thumb your nose at the organic crowd anymore’. The American Association of Pediatrics has called the evidence for an association between pesticides and cancer and other disorders, “robust”. More studies are demonstrating the benefits of microbiology in our bodies and our soil.

Without water soluble fertilizers and pesticides, Organic Soil Solutions relies on the soil and its residents for care and feeding of the grass. That is the basis of an organic lawn. For us above ground dwellers, it’s hard to imagine the billions of micro-organisms scurrying around in each teaspoon of soil. They maintain soil structure, break down nutrients and prevent disease. A healthy soil needs air, water and organic matter and that’s where we can help. We love soil biology and it’s our job to keep them active and happy. Someone has to stand up for the little guys.

Unlike a forest, a lawn gets little in the way of organic inputs. The best way to improve the soil and the lawn is with a top dressing of compost. It is listed under additional organic lawn care services. A little bit of compost goes a long way and makes a dramatic difference. We apply limestone to make the soil environment a comfortable place to grow. Organic fertilizer is added to nourish the biology and compost tea to replenish it. Humates and kelp improve soil structure and provide micronutrients. After a hot summer, a lot of sorry looking lawns were brought back to life with our slice seeding. Those that didn’t water, like me, were particularly hard hit. It was a good year to have lawn insurance.

Interested in beginning an organic lawn care program this year? Give us a call at 781.937.9992 or send us a note to get started.


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